The Truth About Women Is That They All Love Sex

When it comes to female psychology, there are several misconceptions that guys have that are HOLDING them back from getting a girlfriend.

One of these misconceptions is in regards to women and sex.

From an early age, I was brought up with the thinking that women don’t necessarily pursue sex, and I also thought that women are only looking for ONE thing from men, and that is… RELATIONSHIPS. Boy was I wrong.

The fact is, women LOVE sex. Period.

Women dream about sex, think about sex, talk about sex and masterbate over sex… just as much as YOU do.

The thinking that women are ONLY after relationships is a misconception that will stop you from providing women with what they REALLY want, and that is… SEX.

Why All Women LOVE Sex

I’m sure you’ve heard this already but the fact is, a womens sex organ (clitoris) has literally twice the number of nerve endings as a mans penis. The clit is the ONLY human organ that been developed purely for pleasure… women will have orgasms that men can only DREAM of having… dammit!

As you can see, women have been biologically built to enjoy and LOVE sex… probably even MORE than men… I mean, who makes more noise when having sex… men or women… of course it’s women! In fact, after 20 minutes of sex… it can typically become HARD WORK for guy when you’re huffing, puffing and pumping. Know what I mean?

Trust me… I don’t care if a girl is an innocent catholic… she still LOVES sex!

The Social Conditioning Of Women Towards Sex

Modern society has placed the views that a woman who loves sex (or gets a lot of sex) or loves to use thrusting vibrators as being a “slut”. Due to this social conditioning, most women are brought up to literally hide their sexual desires or not let their sexual activities be known.

At the end of the day, you must understand that women on adultfrienedfinder may SAY that they’re not after sex, or that they don’t sleep around with multiple guys… but this is only social conditioning at work here.

Now I’m not saying that ALL women sleep around and or have multiple partners… but what I am saying is that you must open your eyes to the truths about women and sex.

And the truth is, it’s NOT uncommon for beautiful women to have multple partners… so the seemingly “innocent” girl that you know from work that you’re looking to date and develop a relationship with may already have a couple of boyfriends that she sleeps with (this happened to me).

At the end of the day, what all this comes down to is that you MUST align yourself to becoming a provider of SEX for a women as well as a provider for RELATIONSHIPS. In fact, the best way to get into a relationship with women is to provide SEX first… and then the relationship will follow IF YOU WANT IT TO.

In further posts I’ll provide the distinction between being the LOVER vs being the PROVIDER, where the LOVER is the guy the gives a women SEX… and the PROVIDER is the guy that gives women money, shelter and mental support… the question is, which one do YOU want to be?