The Science Behind Attraction

In recent years much has been discovered that allows us to better understand the keys to attraction and human courtship. We have reviewed history, taking note of the techniques used by Casanova and other
legendary lovers of the past. We have studied science, unravelling
the mysteries of pheromones and exploring Darwin’s theories on
pre-selection. With this information, it has been possible to
formulate a number of easy-to-apply lessons to help its students
develop a greater understanding of human attraction. Mission by
mission, you will unlock that next small step, and spark that
next “aha” moment that will bring ease to all your future
interactions with women.

Take a minute to reflect on your own vocal tonality, body
language, smell, and social status. All of these things assist a
woman in her search of the healthiest mate who will provide her
offspring the greatest chance of survival. Ok, that sounded a bit
heavy and scientific, but as you are out enjoying a fun night in
the club the laws of nature are operating in the background…and
there really are underlining biological purposes behind doing
things like using an accomplishment introduction for your wingman
and cultivating a group of high social value.

Keep in mind that even though there have been many modern
advances in the area of birth control, for many thousands of
years sex has consistently resulted in pregnancy and the
instincts built over those generations still exist in women
today. It is because of this that even when engaging in casual
sex on adultfrinendfinder(where both parties have no intention of having a child together) you STILL must learn to become the alpha male she could
count on to provide for her offspring. You still must be the man
she would sleep with BEFORE the invention of the condom.

Science and nature cannot be turned off. The woman you are
talking with at the bar will be doing certain things on a
subconscious level without even thinking about them or realizing
she is doing them. For example, in her efforts to separate the
alpha male from the herd, she might pull away and then gauge how
he reacts. Will he sheepishly follow along and immediately chase
after her or will he know how to PASS this test?

You can master all of the things that the science of evolution
proves are so important.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Quick tip #1 Master Vocal Skills – Your voice is directly linked to your posture. For a louder and clearer voice, try putting your
shoulders back and raising your chin slightly.

Quick tip #2 Master Body Language – Don’t hold your drink high,
or in front of your body. The guy holding a beer in front of him
looks lame. If you have a drink, keep it low and to the side. Hip
level works well.

Quick Tip #3 Master Body Image – Having one physical activity you
perform on a regular basis isn’t just good for your health, it
will improve your mental sense of being. It doesn’t matter what
you do…go jogging, take up a sport, or play “Dance Dance
Revolution”…just be active.

Getting back to the topic of the science that is at work behind
the scenes of dating and attraction, let’s take a look at the
role of psychology…

Reflect on the social pressures a woman will face when she is
deciding to engage in a new physical relationship with a man.
Will rumours that she is “easy” spread like rampant wildfires,
scarring the social value of this poor woman? Would her friends
or parents think lower of her if they knew? For much of her
life she has been taught to keep the number of her sexual
partners low, how does she feel about this? These questions and
ideas swirl in the mind of a woman when her desires for intimacy
increase. They could cause a woman to be unreceptive to the sexual
advances of a man – unless she feels comfort, security, and a
lack of responsibility (In her mind she must feel the
whole night “just happened”).

In conclusion…the science of attraction is at work in every interaction you have with the female species. Take note of the tips and techniques above and make sure that, on your next date…you have all the bases covered!