Benefits Of Being In The Friend Zone With A Woman

Being in the “friend zone” with a woman is bad only when you fail to recognize it for what it is and take advantage of it.

All being in the “friend zone” means is that she does not want to become sexually involved with you or be anything other than friends at the present time.

Can you change her mind or ever become more than just friends her?

Perhaps, but odds are that it isn’t ever going to happen.
However, you can use her to meet and attract other women if you start treating her like a friend instead of a girlfriend.

When women see you out with other women for a variety of reasons you are not seen as a threat or someone who they should keep their guard up with.

Once you are put in the “friend zone” you must decide if you can let go of your attachment to her as being the one.

If this is something you can not see yourself doing then the “friend zone” is completely worthless to you and it is in your best interest to move on.

Yet, if you can let go of your attachment to her as the one and now begin seeing her as truly just a friend; she will open doors for you with women that you never knew were possible.

Of course, the only way you will know for certain that you have let go of your attachment to her as the one is if you can approach and meet other women on login in her presence.

This is also assuming you have already begun to work on improving those things that put you in the “friend zone” in the first place.

Otherwise you will simply wind up being in the friend zone with a whole lot of women which after a certain point becomes worthless as well.