Скачать Recovertool_v2.00.33_l1224.exe (11.0 mb) - torrent download list

Скачать Recovertool_v2.00.33_l1224.exe (11.0 mb) - torrent download list

Device скачать истории без смс Name: [G:] USB Mass Storage Device(Kingston DT 101 G2 USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 0951 PID = 1642
Serial Number: 0019E06B587BFC91774323E4
Revision: 1 00

Device Type: Standard USB device USB2 0 High Speed

Product Vendor: Kingston
Product Model: DT 101 G2

Description: Флешка не открывалась и не опознавалось После формата заработала

I'm Ashraf Mansour From Egypt ,a Communication Engineer This Site was created to help you to repair your corrupted USB flash drives so please help us and share with your friends

Description: Logical drive: P:\ Capacity: 0 0G
Device ID: VID = 090C PID = 1000
Device SN: AA00000000001424
Device version: 1100

Device vendor: SMI
Device model: USB DISK
Protocol: USB2 0
Max power: 500mA

Partition type: Device active: no
Aligned state: 0 KB, Have been Aligned

Controller: SMI
Controller model: SM3257ENAA
Flash Vendor: Toshiba Type:TLC
Flash ID: 98D79892 (Open Network for more information)
Firmware: ISP 110622 AA
i wanted format this flash but i can not this work can you help me

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No it s not a virus , you can check it with Nod 32 or KasperSky or any updated antivirus ,By the way i will never скачать инструкция без смс здесь put any suspicious software on my site This website was built to help all people for free so please you must be sure when you say that ,Thinking isn t a proof my friend Thank you anyway

) 0XE50B F / W D823 16 98DE9892 Mass Storage 0000 7777 ALCOR UNKNOWN ( 0 mb) Adata c906 090C 3000 SMI SM3257Q 60073010 16 RecoverTool_V2 У нас нашли