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We were criticizing the work of our sanitary committee at that moment Common sense and wise planning are the keys to a successful trip Она чувствовала себя такой же сильной, как и ее брат Я не возражаю против того, чтобы носить это платье They must be admiring the beauty of the southern nature We may have studied at the same school, but I don't remember her Но найти время для усиленного изучения или восстановления школьных знаний в нашем напряженном ритме непросто Auntie," he answered, "you mustn't talk like that Она слышала, как ее отец ходит взад виеред по картинной галерее On coming home from the college, after he had passed (after passing) his examinations, Robert felt very happy

On the shelf, on the windowsill, on the bench, at the plant, on the wall, at the railway station, on the platform, файлы перспективное планирование в старшей группе по фгос по программе детство скачать можно тут /perspektivnoe_planirovanie_v_starshey_gruppe_po_fgos_po_programme_detstvo.html on the floor, on the roof, at the exhibition, at the stop, on the ground, at the concert, on the blackboard, at the lesson, on the bridge, at the stadium, on the snow, on the grass, at work

Моя сестра не может написать это письмо; она очень занята The plane arrives at seven o'clock in the evening Она приняла меры, чтобы за ее детьми присматривали по вечерам, когда она уходила You should not have forgotten to leave a message for her Она поздравила себя с тем, что придумала такую отличную идею (что ей в голову пришла такая отличная идея) I can't help worrying about them: they have stopped writing


«Но, не может быть, чтобы они были такими же плохими, как он Я позабочусь о том, чтобы ваши вещи принесли наверх и сейчас же распаковали Пожалуйста, вернитесь на главную страницу сайта I was to write a composition on Pushkin's creative activity, and for this I had to reread some of his works which I remembered badly You should not have crossed the street when the lights are red Она не может прийти завтра, потому что они будут работать весь день I may have wrecked my own life, but I will not let you wreck yours

1 anywhere 2 somewhere 3 nowhere 4 everywhere 5 anywhere 6 anywhere; somewhere 7 anywhere 8 somewhere, anywhere, everywhere 9 somewhere 10 anywhere 11 somewhere 12 anywhere, somewhere 13 everywhere

We watched the sunlight dancing on the water's surface He seemed sorry for having been inattentive to his child Они все собрались на холме посмотреть, как взойдет солнце Playing volleyball is a popular sport for young people Children should be more attentive to their parents I don't approve of your wasting so much time (I disapprove of you (your) wasting so much time) This picture can't have been painted by an Italian artist His mother objects to his going to the cinema very often There was nobody in the house: the bears were in the wood

1 a little 2 a few 3 a little 4 a few, a few, a little 5 a few 6 a few 7 a little 8 a few 9 a few 10 a little 11 a few 12 a little 13 a few, a little, a few 14 a few 15 a little 16 a little 17 a few 18 a few, a little 19 a few 20 a little 21 a little

Я позабочусь о том, чтобы ваше такси держали у двери This is the most valuable painting in the Russian Museum Зарегистрировано: 4490Online: 12 Спасибо, я уже с вами, всё круто John heard his sister talking loudly on the veranda You should cross the street when the lights are green b) This child will have to spend more time in the социальной open air

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They went home quickly protecting themselves from the rain by walking under the trees — В школе я скачать физкультуре можно тут должен был выучить прекрасное стихотворение «Досуг» Вильяма Генри Дейвиса You should not have taken the child to the cinema

1 He burst out crying 2 I cannot help admiring this wonderful painting 3 Your mother objects to your coming home late 4 I approve of your (you) working hard 5 She denied having helped them 6 Stop teasing the cat 7 I am afraid of catching cold 8 She doesn't deny having a textbook 9 I insist on staying in St Petersburg 10 He accuses you of not writing (letters to him) 11 Do you mind my (me) going to bed 12 Go on doing your homework 13 She won't thank you for having lost your job 14 Are you thinking of winning a million without working hard 15 They are looking forward to seeing their friends from Switzerland 16 Do you feel like playing tennis tonight

The doctor insisted on sending the sick man to hospital I saw you and your friend walking along the street yesterday They had to put off their going to Thailand because of the most dangerous tsunami He couldn't help thinking that his son had made a big mistake Невский проспект гораздо красивее, чем наша улица Он почувствовал, что его сердце забилось от радости a) She could translate this article without a dictionary Could (can) I borrow that book when you have finished reading it b) The doctor will have to examine the child

1 In winter I usually go to bed at ten o'clock because I go to school and have to get up early But in summer, when I don't go to school and live in the country, I like to go to bed late 2 Do you like to read in bed 3 We did not want to stay in town on such a hot day, so we went to the country 4 It is very late Go to bed at once 5 Where is your little sister — She is in bed Mother always puts her to bed at eight o'clock 6 In summer my mother does not go to work and I do not go to school We live in the country My father goes to work every day, so he stays in town But sometimes he comes to the country after work and goes back to town early in the morning, when I am still in bed

Хотя Дэвид устал, он продолжал идти по направлению к Дувру Looking at the man attentively, she remembered seeing him and speaking to him (having seen him and spoken to him) on several occasions

1 anything 2 everything 3 something 4 everything 5 anything 6 nothing 7 anything; nothing 8 something 9 anything, something 10 something 11 everything 12 something 13 anything 14 nothing 15 nothing

Введите в строку поиска только фамилию автора и класс Может быть, я исковеркал собственную жизнь, однако, я не позволю вам исковеркать вашу Boris can't have been in the canteen five minutes ago Their son didn't want to go on being a manager all his life, and therefore he went back to St Petersburg University Кто нибудь другой продевал для Эллен нитку в иголку, так как ее зрение становилось хуже и хуже The results of the experiment must be checked and rechecked before being published Это заставит его подумать, что он не такой сообразительный (умный) Люди, живущие на севере, месяцами не видят солнца (как выходит солнце) She may be trying to call us now but she can't get through to us: our telephone is broken (out of order) You can learn what the new words mean by looking them up in the dictionary The shopassistant was accused of being rude and having neglected her duties

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We saw her get off the train and walk to wards the booking office She couldn't help admiring the most famous Russian church in Novgorod There aren't any good bookshops in our district Необходимость знания иностранного языка для успешной работы и карьеры никто не ставит под сомнение Справедливость может быть не скорой, мама, но она приходит (наступает) в конце концов Он, может быть, и смотрит телевизор (хотя едва ли) Бедный крестьянин сердечно поблагодарил Робина Гуда за то, что тот помог ему У нас нашли